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peaches come from a can

they were put there by a man

drugged up rockers
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So. This is a rating community, just like all the other cool communities out there.
This community is not at shallow as some; we like to know what you look like, and what you are all about.
We are strongly based on good music, and if you don't have what it takes, you're out.
We've got a few rules around here, but we're sure they are easy to follow.
Put EVERYTHING in your application behind an lj-cut.
Your lj-cut title (if you choose to put one) may NOT be more than three words long.
If you fail to do so, please take the time to fix it and not just complain about it in a new entry or by commenting or something.
With your application (below), bold the questions, or make it obvious that there is a difference between your question and answer.
When voting, put a simple yes or no in the subject. If this is not done, the vote will be ignored, no matter how it will effect the applicant.
When filling out an application, if you found the community from someone, be SURE to put their username so we can give them credit where needed.
Thank you, and have fun =]

If accepted, stay active. Post pictures of you, your friends, your family, your band, song lyrics, clothes, icons, banners...pretty much anything. We do ask you not to post nudes though. We just don't need those around here. Oh and we also don't need any rap, pop, country, hip-hop, r&b, techno, or anything like that. If it's not punk/punkrock/emo/screamo/hardcore/poppunk/rock/indie/ska then it's unacceptable, not fit for mention in this community, and not deemed real music. Thank you.

If rejected, please do not delete your applcation. It's a pansyish thing to do and you need to accept the fact that you're a non-rocking, hardcore loser. Just messin', but yeah, if you're rejected, feel free to reapply in a week. If you delete your application and try to apply again, you will be banned.


So, you’re applying to punk_prozac?
Yeah? Well, how’d you find us?

We need to get to know you first...we can’t let just anyone in here...
Well, what’s your name?
And you are HOW OLD?
Hmm...interesting, so when’s your birthday?
Oh? Where were you born?
Really! Do you still live there?
I’m sorry to be nosy, but I must know, do you like the girls or the boys?
I’m sure you must have some bad habits...can you name 5?
And your Top 5 movies would be?

Hmm well you seem okay so far, but this is a music community, so on to the music!
First things first, you seem a little distracted...what song's stuck in your head right now? No lying...
How’s the music ‘scene’ where you live?
Oh! Well with that being said, are you emo/pop/punk/gangstuh/rock/goth?
Interesting...well what are your 10 favorite bands?
And your 5 favorite songs?
Well, do you have a favorite CD?
Hey! Didn't I see you at The Warped Tour?
Oh...I didn’t? Why not?

Okay, so you’re lookin’ decent so far, but what if we DO accept you?
Why are you applying to this community, out of all the ones out there?
Yea, well what makes you better than all the other applicants?
Fine, but go promote us somewhere...we wanna know you’ll move your ass around here. [link]
Oh and are you gunna apply to our sister community emo_ecstacy?

Good job! Now all that’s left is to see if your face scares little kids or not.
Show us 3 pictures of yourself
Aww how cute! But c’mon show us a pic of a friend or 2…if you HAVE friends that is
I think you’re hanging with the ‘wrong crowd’...but anyways... got a pet? Or a pic of your favorite...thing?
And lastly, represent a band, bitch!

Hey, way to go! You're done. Now go away for awhile, we'll tell you how much you suck, then come back in a day or two to see if we'll let you stick around. Whatchathinkaboutthat?

On to more important things.

Your maintainers are Stormey & Lane

yemmyfrog & glitterbug00

These are the members who we deem hardcore and rockin' enough to hang in this community. Click the ♪ to see their rockin' applications.

These are the applicants who didn't rock enough to be accepted. Ha! Sucks for them! Click the ♪ to see their pathetic applications.

If you would like to promote the community, which you would, then take your pick at any of these:

join punk_prozac or die

punk_prozac join now!

you know you want to.

If you would like to show off that you have been accepted, then here you are:

And go join our sister community emo_ecstacy.

join emo_ecstacy
Now, bitches.