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So, you’re applying to punk_prozac?
Yeah? Well, how’d you find us?

bloody_tears636 told me about you.

We need to get to know you first...we can’t let just anyone in here...
Well, what’s your name? Melissa.
And you are HOW OLD? 12
Hmm...interesting, so when’s your birthday? June 23.
Oh? Where were you born? Winnipeg, Manitoba (If you don't know where that is, go read a map >:O)
Really! Do you still live there? Yes.
I’m sorry to be nosy, but I must know, do you like the girls or the boys? If you MUST know, both.
I’m sure you must have some bad habits...can you name 5? I am quite the clingy person, I've been diagnosed as depressed, I'm paranoid, I crack my knuckles and I bite my nails.
And your Top 5 movies would be? Constantine, The Amityville Horror, The Jacket, Chronicles of Narnia and Jumanji.

Hmm well you seem okay so far, but this is a music community, so on to the music!
First things first, you seem a little distracted...what song's stuck in your head right now? No lying... Well...I have Fall Out Boy stuck in my head...what song, you ask? I Slept With Someone In Fall Out Boy And All I Got Was This Stupid Song Written About Me.
How’s the music ‘scene’ where you live? It SUCKS. Nothing but pop and rap crap.
Oh! Well with that being said, are you emo/pop/punk/gangstuh/rock/goth? Emo/punk.
Interesting...well what are your 10 favorite bands? My Chemical Romance, The Used, Coheed and Cambria, Fall Out Boy, Sum 41, Green Day, Staind, Default, Evanescence and Social Distortion.
And your 5 favorite songs? It's Not A Fashion Statement, It's A Fucking Death Wish by My Chemical Romance, Waste by Staind, Blue and Yellow by The Used, Keeping the Blade by Coheed and Cambria, Missing by Evanescence.
Well, do you have a favorite CD? The Used-The Used.
Hey! Didn't I see you at The Warped Tour? Nope.
Oh...I didn’t? Why not? Because I'm a cheapo who wasn't allowed to travel to the US.

Okay, so you’re lookin’ decent so far, but what if we DO accept you? I would be VERY honored.
Why are you applying to this community, out of all the ones out there? Because it's so much better.
Yea, well what makes you better than all the other applicants? ...I'm so not.
Fine, but go promote us somewhere...we wanna know you’ll move your ass around here. [link]http://www.livejournal.com/community/_50gravi_/8326.html
Oh and are you gunna apply to our sister community emo_ecstacy? Maybe.

Good job! Now all that’s left is to see if your face scares little kids or not.
Show us 3 pictures of yourself
Aww how cute! But c’mon show us a pic of a friend or 2…if you HAVE friends that is
I think you’re hanging with the ‘wrong crowd’...but anyways... got a pet? Or a pic of your favorite...thing?
And lastly, represent a band, bitch!

Don't have any pics.

Hey, way to go! You're done. Now go away for awhile, we'll tell you how much you suck, then come back in a day or two to see if we'll let you stick around. Whatchathinkaboutthat?

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