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So, you’re applying to punk_prozac? Indeed I am
Yeah? Well, how’d you find us? went looking for groups interested in the Red Hot Chili Peppers

We need to get to know you first...we can’t let just anyone in here...
Well, what’s your name? Jenny Lehman
And you are HOW OLD? 16 years old
Hmm...interesting, so when’s your birthday? October 31, 1988
Oh? Where were you born? Washington, DC
Really! Do you still live there? no, I live in Minnesota now
I’m sorry to be nosy, but I must know, do you like the girls or the boys? both *grin*
I’m sure you must have some bad habits...can you name 5? 1. biting my nails. 2. biting my cuticles 3. picking at my eyebrows 4. chewing at my lips when I get nervous 5. cracking my knuckles
And your Top 5 movies would be? Jay and Silent Bob strike back, The Big Lebowski, Rat Race, Point Break, and Napoleon Dynamite

Hmm well you seem okay so far, but this is a music community, so on to the music!
First things first, you seem a little distracted...what song's stuck in your head right now? No lying... Jackson United-She's giving in
How’s the music ‘scene’ where you live? Lots of local punk bands, we;ve got The Replacements and Prince too
Oh! Well with that being said, are you emo/pop/punk/gangstuh/rock/goth? I'd say I'm pseudo punk
Interesting...well what are your 10 favorite bands? (in no order) RHCP, No Doubt, Nirvana, Foo Fighters, Jackson United, The Fire Theft, Sunny Day Real Estate, Alice in Chains, John Frusciante, Gwen Stefani
And your 5 favorite songs? Porcelain/RHCP, Nutshell/Alice in Chains, Smells like Teen Spirit/Nirvana, Just a Girl/No Doubt, Fell Into/Jackson United
Well, do you have a favorite CD? Californication by RHCP
Hey! Didn't I see you at The Warped Tour? I've never been to it
Oh...I didn’t? Why not? see above question

Okay, so you’re lookin’ decent so far, but what if we DO accept you? I'll be pleased that you have accepted me into your group
Why are you applying to this community, out of all the ones out there? because I like the kinds of music you guys do
Yea, well what makes you better than all the other applicants? Nothing really, I'm just like anyone else applying
Fine, but go promote us somewhere...we wanna know you’ll move your ass around here. []
Oh and are you gunna apply to our sister community emo_ecstacy? sure, why not?

Good job! Now all that’s left is to see if your face scares little kids or not.
Show us 3 pictures of yourself
Aww how cute! But c’mon show us a pic of a friend or 2…if you HAVE friends that is
I think you’re hanging with the ‘wrong crowd’...but anyways... got a pet? Or a pic of your favorite...thing?

And lastly, represent a band, bitch! I don't have any pix scanned into the computer at the moment. Here's a pic of my favorite thing in the whole world... *laughs* Only kidding, but I love him a lot.
Tha band I represent is RHCP, goddammit! I love them with all my heart and I will get medieval on the asses of anyone who disrespects them!
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