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So, you’re applying to punk_prozac?
Yeah? Well, how’d you find us? Well I found you while I was looking around communities and one person linked you to a community I am in at the moment

We need to get to know you first...we can’t let just anyone in here...
Well, what’s your name? Clare
And you are HOW OLD? 13
Hmm...interesting, so when’s your birthday? May 24th
Oh? Where were you born? England
Really! Do you still live there? No :(
I’m sorry to be nosy, but I must know, do you like the girls or the boys? The boys
I’m sure you must have some bad habits...can you name 5? I think I can.
1. Biting my nails
2. Not shutting my mouth and getting grounded a whole bunch
3. Okay I kinda lied I only know 2!

And your Top 5 movies would be?
1. Nightmare Before Christmas
2. Queen of the Damned
3. Dusk till Dawn
4. War of The Worlds
5. Corpse Bride

Hmm well you seem okay so far, but this is a music community, so on to the music!
First things first, you seem a little distracted...what song's stuck in your head right now? No lying... ' Face Down ' by The RedJumpsuit Apparatus
How’s the music ‘scene’ where you live? Unfortunately I am in the ghetto sooo i have to put up with all that Hip-Hop and Rap shit
Oh! Well with that being said, are you emo/pop/punk/gangstuh/rock/goth? I would have to say im a punk
Interesting...well what are your 10 favorite bands?
2. My Chemical Romance
3. The Used
4. The RedJumpsuit Apparatus
5. Finch
6. Fall Out Boy
7. Story of the Year
8. Hawthorne Heights
9. Linkin Park
10. The All-American Rejects

And your 5 favorite songs? Oh gosh! Soooo hard to pick just 5? GOSH! How am I ever going to choose?
1. Green Day - Longview
2. Green Day - Blood, Sex and Booze
3. Green Day - Walking Contradiction
4. My Chemical Romance - Ghost of You
5. The RedJumpsuit Apparatus - Justify

Well, do you have a favorite CD? I guess I would have to say Dookie by Green Day because that's what I listen to most of the time
Hey! Didn't I see you at The Warped Tour? HELL YEAH! You should of! It kicked major fucking ass!
Oh...I didn’t? Why not? But you did!

Okay, so you’re lookin’ decent so far, but what if we DO accept you?
Why are you applying to this community, out of all the ones out there? I am applying to this community because this community will help me connect with the people like me. I won't have to like listen to all those gangstuhs and junk saying Aww Rap and Hip-Hop are way better than Rock. Gosh I hate that.
Yea, well what makes you better than all the other applicants? It doesn't. Everybody is equal if you ask me. But I DO rawk!
Fine, but go promote us somewhere...we wanna know you’ll move your ass around here. I will be glad to promote you <3 []
Oh and are you gunna apply to our sister community emo_ecstacy? if you want me to... do you want me to?

Good job! Now all that’s left is to see if your face scares little kids or not.
Show us 3 pictures of yourself: Okay

Image hosted by


Image hosted by


Image hosted by

Aww how cute! But c’mon show us a pic of a friend or 2…if you HAVE friends that is: Okey Dokey!

Image hosted by

That's Kira... my bestest buddy.


Image hosted by

That's Brianna! My other bestest buddy

I think you’re hanging with the ‘wrong crowd’...but anyways... got a pet? Or a pic of your favorite...thing? I SURE DO!

Image hosted by

Billie Joe! My favorite thing in the world... Sexiness... - drool -
And lastly, represent a band, bitch! I would fucking LOVE TO!

Image hosted by


Hey, way to go! You're done. Now go away for awhile, we'll tell you how much you suck, then come back in a day or two to see if we'll let you stick around. Whatchathinkaboutthat? HEY! I'm cool with that <3
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