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So, you’re applying to punk_prozac?  yes
Yeah? Well, how’d you find us?  I was looking for a nice community to join, and this one jumped out at me.
We need to get to know you first...we can’t let just anyone in here...
Well, what’s your name?  Amanda
And you are HOW OLD?  14
Hmm...interesting, so when’s your birthday? 5/9/90
Oh? Where were you born? a hospital, in Buffalo, NY
Really! Do you still live there? Yes, pretty much.
I’m sorry to be nosy, but I must know, do you like the girls or the boys?  if you are referring to relationships? that would be boys.
I’m sure you must have some bad habits...can you name 5?
1) biting my nails when im nervous
2) flipping out on people that chew with their mouths open.
3) being over-depressed for no reason
4) saying things i don't mean to say
5) cracking my knuckles

And your Top 5 movies would be?
1) Urban Legends
2) The Butterfly Effect
3) Napolean Dynamite
4) Animal House
5) Candy Man
Hmm well you seem okay so far, but this is a music community, so on to the music!
First things first, you seem a little distracted...what song's stuck in your head right now? No lying... This Year's Fashion, by Action Action
How’s the music ‘scene’ where you live? a lot of people are starting to get into this kind of music. and there are some pretty good bands that play at our roller rink from school, theyre not half bad.
Oh! Well with that being said, are you emo/pop/punk/gangstuh/rock/goth?  all of them, minues the  pop, gangsta, and goth
Interesting...well what are your 10 favorite bands?  Fallout Boy, Incubus, Jamison Parker, Senses Fail, Taking Back Sunday, Reel Big Fish, Oasis, Death Cab For Cutie, Alexis On Fire, The Ataris
And your 5 favorite songs?  In This Diary-The Ataris,  The Warmth- Incubus, This Year's Fashion- Action Action, Pardon Me- Incubus, Choke On This- Senses Fail, Your Own Disaster- Taking Back Sunday
Well, do you have a favorite CD?  no, I dont really like cd's. I just download all of my music onto my MP3.
Hey! Didn't I see you at The Warped Tour?  no, i don't believe so.
Oh...I didn’t? Why not? on vacation.
Okay, so you’re lookin’ decent so far, but what if we DO accept you?  im hoping you do!
Why are you applying to this community, out of all the ones out there?  this one looked nice, like i said, it jumped out at me.
Yea, well what makes you better than all the other applicants?  im probably way more honest about these questions than most..
Fine, but go promote us somewhere...we wanna know you’ll move your ass around here. []
Oh and are you gunna apply to our sister community emo_ecstacy? of course, when i find the time.
Good job! Now all that’s left is to see if your face scares little kids or not.
Show us 3 pictures of yourself


Aww how cute! But c’mon show us a pic of a friend or 2…if you HAVE friends that is

catherine. and eric is in the background.


I think you’re hanging with the ‘wrong crowd’...but anyways... got a pet? Or a pic of your favorite...thing?

theres a favorite thing. i dont have my pets loaded on here..
And lastly, represent a band, bitch!


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